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The Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States of America on the fourth Thursday of November, a time for family gatherings, festive dinners and abundant food. Thanksgiving Day gives families an opportunity to come together and show their gratitude for all their blessings. This day also provides an excellent opportunity to give thanks to God for the abundance he has given us.

Vegan Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans celebrated together. They were thankful they could enjoy a holiday without harming animals. Today, vegans may still celebrate with their friends and family members who eat meat. Vegans can create delicious, satisfying menus complete with pies, casseroles and all the trimmings using foods that are kinder to animals. The holidays are an opportunity for people to get together with loved ones to share good food and give thanks for all that we have. For vegans, this is especially true because they don’t consume animal products at all not even honey! But don’t let food be the only thing you think about on Thanksgiving; there’s plenty else going on in your life that deserves celebration too!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving traditionally opens with the cooking of a turkey. A twenty pound bird will feed about 8 people. The traditional recipe is quite simple: get a big frying pan, put it on high heat, add about 1/4 inch of oil and put the turkey in. If it starts to brown too fast turn the heat down slightly. Turn the turkey over from time to time and keep turning it until one thigh measures 160F (71C) when you touch it with a thermometer. Let it rest for 20-30 minutes, then carve into pieces and serve with some cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Gifts

This year, Thanksgiving holiday is on November 22. As for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, you have plenty of time to buy them as early as a month before the holiday. It’s not that difficult to fetch a great gift for your husband or wife, but only when you’ve got started plan a list of things that the other person wants or needs. There is no sense in wasting your money and ruining your relationship if you are careless.